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This is one of our most popular services.

For ship owners looking to register their vessels, N&B Marine Consultants LLC is the perfect partner.

With years of experience in the industry and an unmatched track record of success, we are the go-to authority for ship registration services.

We are an authorized agent for ship registration in the Commonwealth of Dominica, we provide our clients with comprehensive and reliable service, aided by our years of experience and a deep knowledge of legal requirements. Our team is committed to providing exceptional advice and guidance to help you navigate the complexities of ship registration and seafarer’s documentation.

We are committed to providing continuous assistance to our clients, even after the registration process is complete.

For years, N&B Marine Consultants, LLC. has been assisting seafarers in obtaining their documentation quickly and efficiently. As partners with the training center AVANT, we have the resources and experience to help you navigate the process of obtaining your original certificates and endorsements directly from The Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Administration.

We can also assist you and guide you through the whole process of registration and obtaining of flag certificates with the following flag administrations, ensuring that ship owners have a wide array of options :



With years of experience in the industry and a commitment to quality, we are the perfect partner for your ship registration needs.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you register your vessel quickly, efficiently, and affordably.


Our experienced team specializes in preparing statutory and ship specific manuals / instruction / booklets for both new builds and in-service vessels. We work with owners to ensure that all documents are customized to their specific needs and obtain class approvals on their behalf. Our commitment to providing the highest quality documentation services sets us apart from the competition.


N&B Marine Consultants, LLC is a leading provider of vessel classification and class transfer services, tailored to meet our clients’ every need.

As an industry leader with years of experience, we provide our clients with the highest quality services at affordable prices.


Our team of certified experts is always up to date on the latest rules and regulations, ensuring that your vessels meet all necessary standards.

As an authorized partner and representative  of  NOVEL CLASS we offer efficient and cost-effective classification services at competitive prices.

If you  require services from some  other Classification Societies,  our  wide experience  and  worldwide contacts enable  us to provide  you requested services  for any Class (IACS ot non IACS)

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

N&B Marine Consultants, LLC provides comprehensive technical expertise for Ship design, Structural Analysis, Vessel Modification as well as project management, production supervision, testing, delivery and operations planning worldwide.

Below are a few of our naval architectural services

  • Design of Modifications and Renovations and/or Refitting;

  • Support vessel modifications, common shipyard activities such as drydock, repairs, incline and

lift tests, vessel inspections;

  • New Building Services on behalf of owners;

  • Weight Estimating and Calculations;

  • Inclining Experiments or Stability Tests, preparation of report for inclining experiment,

monitoring and in charge of inclining experiment;

  • Intact Stability and Damage Stability Calculations, Trim and Stability Booklets, Loading


  • Full range of Structural Calculations;

  • Review and assistance with drawings/manuals before submitting to Class;

  • Feasibility Studies-Evaluate customer ideas and concepts.  




 Whether you need help with marine or cargo surveying, our team of experts is here to help. With years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise necessary to provide accurate evaluations and assessments that are built to last.

 Our team of professionals will perform a detailed analysis of the vessel's condition, identifying potential problems, and providing recommendations for improvements. We understand that purchasing /on-hire/off-hire a vessel can be a significant investment, which is why we're committed to ensuring that our clients make informed decisions. 

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